Host Plant Genomics

The focus is on molecular characterization and identification of various mulberry species and other host plants, development of microsatellites for mulberry, characterization of drought resistant genes etc.

Silkworm Genomics

The focus is on identification of silkworm genes and their functions associated with resistance to viral and fungal pathogens, development of NPV tolerant silkworm lines based on marker assisted selection and RNAi technique, regulation of yolk proteins, characterization of RNA dependent RNA polymerase gene, characterization of oviposition stimulating factors in silkworms etc.

Molecular Pathology

Focus is on identification and molecular characterization of various pathogens like virus, bacteria, microsporidia etc. infecting silkworms and development of diagnostic tools for their easy and early detection.


The focus is on identification of immune response proteins and their interactions, and silkworm transcriptome analysis under stress from pests like uzi fly etc.

Silk Biomaterials

Programmes on Silk Biomaterial research are being initiated through formulation of collaborative projects.