About Us


Taking cognizance of the requirement to combine conventional breeding and modern biotechnological approaches to make sericulture economically viable the Central Silk Board (CSB), Ministry of Textiles (MOT), Govt. of India set up Seri-biotech Research Laboratory (SBRL) during 1993 in Bangalore.

The institute provides biotechnological solutions for the improvement of host plants and silkworm strains through interdisciplinary and inter-institutional inhouse [CSB funded] and extra mural [Department of Biotechnology [DBT]/ Department of Science & Technology [DST] funded] projects covering four major areas of research activities

  1. Silkworm Genomics
  2. Host plant Genomics
  3. Proteomics and
  4. Molecular Pathology

Over the past two decades of its existence, the center has expanded its facilities, manpower, expertise including linkages and collaborations with other institutes.   The institute is also planning to venture into value added research on utilization of silk as a biomaterial for various biomedical and other purposes.